Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hey Ghisallo can you throw me a bone?

At this point I'm facing almost certain doom. So I'm throwing out a Hail Mary errr rather a Hail Ghisallo in hopes that somebody up there hears me. I am still optimistic i'll start a race this year though. I do have a good friend going out of his way and lending me a frame and some killer dubs but I am still lacking some major componentry. Hopefully some stuff will fall into place and who knows I may just channel all this frustration and rock it out...I hope so...I can guarantee that if this happens I'll be dancing a jig on the podium...Don't give me 10 secs cuz I'll die trying to get 20 more...I am going to have to take big chances and long shots this yr...Wish me luck...Holla Back... 

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