Thursday, April 28, 2011

Planning For The Future

With a baby on the way I need to prioritize a little bit more and set some things I want to do on the back burner. For one, I know I'm not going to be able to race every weekend next year from April to September. If I can get 2 or 3 weekends a month I'll be really happy. I already know some time is going to need to be set aside for the kid. Pictures, playdates, doctor visits and all that good stuff that is involved with being a parent will take up some of the time. When they're older it will be school stuff, sports games, and a whole myriad of different activities. Also from what I've heard from my cycling friends who have kids, Its going to be harder and harder to leave them when you have to go out and train. They are going to want you to stay at home and play with them. I know it's difficult to say no to a cute kid. I really really really want to do a full CX season next year. I will probably just do the Chi Cross Cup Series I don't have the means or the desire to try and be a badass cx racer. It's a lot of fun and it will be great for keeping me in shape and motivated. I know this year is probably going to be a down year for me with my whole bike crisis and the baby cutting off the tailend of the season for me. I'm alright with it though because it's what I want and have been waiting for a long time. Keeping that in mind I hope I can go into 2012 without any problems. The baby will be 6 months sometime in March and should be an easy child to manage by then. What will the baby's first bike race be...hmm? Hard to say...Maybe we'll take a family trip to the Quad Cities Criterium/The Cage Match on Memorial Day of '12...You know if the world hasn't ended...Crazy indians...If the world doesn't end I have a pretty lofty goal in mind for the '13 season...STARS AND BARS...Masters National Championships...I'll be an old man of 30 that year and there is nothing that I would like more than that jersey. I wonder what the venue is going to be? If it's really really hilly or mountainous even you can count me out of the Road Race there is no way that's happening. Some hills I can do for sure, but mountains no way jose. So if that's the case all my eggs will be in one basket. The Crit. I feel I need to put this goal out there in the open air so people can read about it and perhaps even encourage and push me to attain it. I've always heard that it's best to write your goals down too because it makes them easier to achieve with a constant reminder. Plus it makes you have some accountability so when you dont feel like training its your motivation to go out and get it done. It has never hurt to have someone in your corner telling you that you can do it. The last masters national champ we had in the area I believe is Wayne Simon. He is I believe 50+ but still has one helluva engine. One day this past year he popped me off when we were in a chase group. I couldn't pull through and he looked at me and said something to the effect of "What the fuck, I'm twice your age and I can fucking pull through". It's understandable when the race is on the line and your heart and adrenaline are pumping... Wayne recently started a company "Enzo's Buttonhole Chamois Cream", It is a far superior product to pretty much all the previous stuff I've used before. Plus it has a kickass name. The website is I have a few samples that he gave me so if you see him at a race he may have a few on him so you can ask for one and try it yourself. On the topic of masters racing I really hope Freddy Metz (my dad) hits the racing tarmac a lot more this year. After a stellar end of the season last year I think he has the taste of blood in his mouth again and will do some damage if he makes a comeback tour in 2011. Not to long ago he took a trip down to Masters Nats and did some justice by going Top 10 in the Road Race. A feat in which I hope to better or at least match in a couple years. Well here's to the future, I can't wait to see what it holds. Thanks for stopping by. 

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